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quick note from B

Hey guys, sorry haven’t been posting much.  After our freaky Canada weekend trip – yes, freaky as in no clothes required – I was unpacking my toiletries and dug into my 4 blade razor and wounded one of my right hand fingers.

Long story short:
I’ve been stitched up and recovering for about a week now.  I’m still reading a ton of books and will be posting light until I’m 100%.  I’m compiling my stories and pictures to share with you soon!

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Masks by Evangeline Anderson

Right to it! Short and sweet!

WOW! Good story for a short one! I would have liked it to have been a lot longer and more developed. But nevertheless, this story piqued me interest and curiosity. The sex scenes were very palatable.  I was automatically engaged with the characters and the plot was really good.

I have to say overall it was a fun read!

5 Star rating!

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Blindfolded Innocence (book 1 of 2) by Alessandra Torre

4 WORDS —- “Read the first page!!!”

Reading the first page was all it took!  It was like seeing a big meaty cock and then dropping to your knees and getting right to – WAIT! WAIT! Just got off subject, didn’t I?

Oh-kay back to review…

The first page sucked me right in 😉  As the writer developed the story and characters, my curiosity was titillated by the style she used to introduce the story.  Don’t worry no spoilers here – her introduction to every section was developed by ‘rules’  (you’ll see).  She creatively undressed the world of the characters to create an understanding of each of them.  Even though it’s your typical “college age girl (in her early twenties)” and “alpha older male (who is financially established)” this storyline kept on graduating to a whole other level, where emotions, romance, and lust competed with sexual tension resulting into sprinkles of steamy sex scenes.

Now there were some issues I had with the book.  For instance, I felt a bit of a disconnect with Brad De Luca – one of the main characters – causing me to have mix feelings about him.  I would have wanted to delve a little more into this character.  Like we know he’s the “bad boy” but, why?  The story development for Brad left me with questions about his background.  Unless, this is the reason the writer is working on book #2 which could be used to unveil more of him and get into the heavier side of his lifestyle.  Also, there were some parts I thought dragged for a few pages here and there but were thankfully balanced by the sexy scenes.  As stimulating as the ending was it left me a bit unsatisfied.  It ended too soon – perhaps a little rushed – and probably should’ve had even more actual sex scenes – for my liking.

Overall it was a pretty good read.

4 Star Rating!

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Best Friends – Better Lovers by Kelly Wallace


WOW! As short as the story was, it was well told. It wasn’t too complicated or too messy. The sex scenes were descriptively dripping and salaciously sizzling off the pages. I appreciated the forwardness of the writer and unbridledness of all the sex and lust talk by just saying it like it is. At times, I found myself laughing out loud at how shamelessly raunchy certain scenes were. Believe me, I’m not complaining what so ever. It was refreshing to see how the writer would grab the bull by its balls – I mean horns– and just going right at it. The character’s story felt real which made it easier to connect, their decisions however, was another story.  Some parts were a little out there but hey it’s fiction. Let your mind run free and wild.

4.5 Star Rating!

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A Table for Three (book 1 of 2) by Lainey Reese.

Stay tune for this yummy review!
Mmmm… can I cum too?

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Under Order (Heather’s Journey) Book 1 of 2 by Sadey Quinn

 Beyond ’50 Shades’ – an open mind is required!

During my ’50 Shades’ reading binge I bumped into Sadey Quinn’s books this summer.  My first thought was getting the book right away – the heck with getting a tid bit of a sample of the book like I normally do – and dive right in.

Impressions after reading:

I had done some research on and saw that Amazon readers gave it a 3 out of 5 star rating but if I had to rate it myself, I’d give it 4 Stars.
As fucked UP as the storyline was, I shamelessly admit how I was seduced into this intense BDSM fantasy world from beginning to end. This book is EXTREMELY DARK for my taste (that’s why I wasn’t able to give it a full 5 star rating). However, the story was artistically narrated and the writer sure kept my interest all the way.  I like how unexpectantly Ms. Quinn would throw in ‘I woke up and started to finger my cunt’ like the way you would say ‘I’m going to get myself a cup of coffee’ kind of thing.  The bluntness of her language was delicious.  I was melting in curiosity to want to continue reading more.

This book is more BDSM intense than ’50 Shades’.  I recommend it to those that wish to delve more into the BDSM lifestyle.  Apparently, there’s many different approaches to the BDSM lifestyle and encourage you to keep a very open mind when diving into this book.

When I read this book the first time I thought to myself how fucked up this story was.  However, after seeing people raving about it so much online and giving it good reviews, I re-read the book because having to give it my own review by only reading it once would not have done it justice.  So I went back in to read it with different lenses and envisioned those scenes in my mind.  I found it very intriguing and wondered about the writer’s lifestyle considering there was a lot of “heavy” BDSM going on.  I mean who knows maybe ‘she’s been there, done that’ kind of thing or is REALLY good at her research.  Even though, it wasn’t my cup of tea, she kept me entertained until the very last word… little did I know all along she was cooking up a huge twist nearing the end and just like me, you’ll never see it cumming!

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